Our Team

Samya Ilaria Di Donato

Business Consultant

Inspirational Trainer in Colour Disciplines, Talent Consultant

Ezio Memmo

Colour Consultant


Aurelio Vandelli

CFO: Chief Financial Office

International Sales Director

Lorenzo Mengoni


Holistic Counsellor, Atypical Computer Engineer

About Coloranima

Coloranima is a journey that takes us into the moving substance of colour, to rediscover the bond that unites us with all that surround us.
Everybody is born with specific colorimetric features, just like the astrological signs and everything that we come across with our senses, the colours, the smells and the nervous tensions… which we unconsciously absorb and host inside ourselves and which change our feelings without any warning.

The Conscious paint

The majority of paints release toxic substances called Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC that evaporate in contact with the atmosphere. The smell of paint is usually unpleasant and even harmful, especially if they contain chemical solvents.

Our mission is to create very low or no VOC paints that can colour every surface and promote physical and psychological well-being.
A water-based product with the addition of special ingredients make it a product which can be defined as ‘conscious’.

The water has not only chemical characteristics, but possesses information acquired during its journeys as demonstrated by Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto who has photographed the crystallisation of water molecules after playing different musical pieces.

Acqua Scissore

The molecules of the water used in our paints are broken down by means of device called ‘Acqua-scissore’, which eliminates the memories captured in the water during its previous journeys making it almost monomolecular, free from contamination and virtually pure spring water.

Flower Therapy

Our paints originate from the deep-rooted fifty-years of experience at the Wagenlack paint factory, a producer of ecological paints and are enriched with aroma-therapy (orange and cinnamon essential oils) and flower-therapy (Bach flowers), giving off scents which promote well-being and creativity.

This is the universe of the conscious colour of Coloranima… a universe that belongs to us and gives us emotions restoring original harmony.