Conscious Paint

The idea stemmed from a desire to create a paint with a consciousness of
dynamic body reactions “Dynamic Body Awareness” perceived by
individuals throughout the different stages of their lives.

The basis of our research was:

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a journey through the senses
work with modern alchemists
the professionalism of the fifty-year-old colour company Wagenlack, who specialise in eco-friendly products with low environmental impact
Italian universities

Conscious paint has been formulated with natural components and small
amounts of “soft chemistry”.

The addition of special ingredients make it a product that can create a deep state of psycho-physical well-being.

All components of the formula, starting with water, have been carefully selected, considering the type, characteristics, origin, odours, fumes, breathability and aesthetics so as to interact harmoniously and guarantee health and hygiene in any environment.

The water is broken down using the recently patented “AcquaScissore” (splitting water device), the clusters are made monomolecular and any informational contamination is removed, making it micro-bacteriologically pure.

The choice to include essential oils and Bach flower remedies giving the individual a balancing and harmonising feeling is unique to our paint.

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