The Coloranima software, based on Pythagorean numerology and the
Fibonacci sequence, helps us to decode the secret codes hidden in people’s
first names, surnames and birth dates, assigning a numerical/colorimetric
value to these parameters.

The program draws up a colorimetric profile in tune with nature’s algorithms.
What is colorimetric profiling?
It is our frequency, a vibration that runs throughout our subtle bodies and
represents our material and psychic values. In other words, it is a precise
description of the intellectual and personality characteristics and the
aptitudes and talents of a person.

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Knowledge of these colours is the key to optimising our physical, biological
and spiritual energies.

Profiling can be carried out for individuals, families, groups of people and
synchronised with the environment (Feng Shui*) enabling people to express
themselves to the fullest, producing a particular emotional state which can
lead to more productive behaviour.


The Ancient Chinese geomantic art of organising living spaces in a harmonious
and beneficial way to promote physical and mental health.